The Sciences

Current Band Members: Al Cisneros vocals, bass, water pipe, Matt Pike guitar, Jason Roeder drums

The Sciences Cover

Sleep and outer layered bands (High On Fire) , (OM) , see constant rotation for me. Sleep’s slow narcotic riffs are the perfect backdrop for late night programing. High On Fire often is the perfect sound track to my “dudes on a map” gaming sessions. OM on the other hand, is the perfect morning ritualized tunes that set my mind in motion.

Sleep’s The Sciences album fills all three gaps. You really hear how the band members have matured through the decades of playing together.

I would also highly recommended looking for their single : Leagues Beneath (this probably gets played daily for me).

The tracks that get the most replay for me.

Marijuanaut's- Lyrics:
Saturn V rise - as gravity dies - through ionosphere he flies
Capsule is flown - beyond the known - admixture sustains smokesuit as home
Traverse galactic sea - inhaler of the rifftree
Initiate burn - never to return - a distant earth fades receding
Through the hashteroid fields - a transmission yields - now riff beacon signal is received
Trajectory set a new bearing - cross alien skies command module flies
Sojourns the lone stoned soul - Marijuanaut loads a new bowl
Behold as he enters the clearing - Planet Iommia nearing
Through Iommosphere chutes deploy capsule splash down on the TH sea.
To raft - row the hash oil leagues to shoreline

Marijuanaut's Theme By Sleep

Sonic Titan - Lyrics:
Look onto Zion, though it can’t be seen
Man on the Moon cannot help me see
Look onto Zion, though it can’t be seen
Man on the Moon cannot help me see