Pye Corner Audio

Hollow Earth

Martin Jenkins

Pye Corner Audio Hollow Earth Cover

Pye Corner Audio easilly fits into my top 10 bands of all time. I can honestly say that I listen to some piece of Martin's music daily. I find Pye Corner Audio to be the perfect backdrop for long programming hours or to set the tone and ambiance for a scifi book.

To quote the Light in the
"Hollow Earth takes subterranean exploration and submerged psychologies as its theme."

I could not agree more. Hollow Earth continues the Cinematic theme that Pye Corner does so well. Completly instrumental and absolutely mind altering.

This experience is mapped track by track. We begin at track 1: Hollow Earth. Track 2: Decent is where we plummage through a Prismatic Gateway (track 3). Track 4 - 14 guide the listener through an array of subterrestial kingdoms, only to return and surface at track 15.

The tracks that get the most replay.


By Pye Corner Audio

Core Sample

By Pye Corner Audio

Imprisoned Splendour (One of my favorite tracks by Pye Corner)

The Hidden City