The Theory Craftist

The NHIS CODING Club is a bi-weekly class where we explore game development through analogue (Board Games) & Digital practices.  Students then have time to reflect on lessons learned in class and Blog their experiences.



Development Methodology

Design Methodology

Gamification Methodology

Aesthetics of design.

8 elements of design

10 Principles of Design


Introduction of a new concept

Application through various methods. Game modding, Programming.

Those concepts are then reinforced through Board Games.


Self Determination Theory

Intristic/Extristic Motivation

Distributed Learning

Element Spacing

Students built a blog site  for class reflection and projects.

Click on the students name to view their Blog



Classroom Management

Game Development

Smart Sheet


Programming Languages

Three JS

SVG Edit

Java Script

Code combat



Here is a list of Board Games students played in class. The Goal of each Board Game was to reinforced concepts learned in class and introduce new game mechanics.

Students also had an opportunity to review and discuss what elements they liked and/or disliked on each game played

Class Outline

Student Blog

Class Files

Board Games