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In Retrospect… A Creative Mind- Molded -by Jahnie Dez

As a boy I remember living in a 1 story home in the southern part of Houston, TX. It was my parents, my 2 brothers and I in the suburbs situated in what is arguably one of the most dangerous areas in the city. Bearing this in mind, my father was very strict about why, when and how long we could play outside. It made it very difficult for us to elect a sport and practice it since our outdoor life was very limited. We understood that it wasn’t the friendliest of places to live in so we quickly found the best way to entertain ourselves indoors- video games.



Gaming was EVERYTHING to us. We got so much mileage from our SNES it would be a miracle if it still runs now. So many good memories, grand adventures, challenging bosses… epic vine swings, dungeon trampling… you get the idea. Mario and Sonic were THE “dudes” and we wanted nothing more than to come home and be the “dudes” every evening after homework. It required a certain skill to traverse the level and ultimately engage in battle with the final boss- but I often found myself looking deeper into the game and all its shininess. I was interested in the skill it took to design the levels you traverse and the talent needed to create that final boss stage that gets you sweating.  Video games brought out the inventor in me.


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Jeffrey Vierra

John Hernandez

Hello all. My name is John Hernandez, also known as Jahnie Dez within my creative circles.

My true passion lies in board games and the creation process behind them. I constantly look at everyday objects and think of ways to implement them into a game of some kind.


Jeff Vierra  is interested in game design that pushes the boundaries of established norms. He also eats far too much vegetables for his size.